My Farewell

My Farewell

Well this is it folks, after today I will no longer be posting on this blog. I have to say that it has been a real privilege and honor to inform my readers about the wonderful world of Cinema costumes.

You guys are amazing! I hope that you enjoyed reading and discussing cinema costumes. I hope that you have a new understanding of how a movie costume can represent a character’s emotion, personality, and characterization!! I strongly urge you to keep reading and researching cinema costumes, You can also follow blogs like Freshfrippery, to learn more about costumes and see her awesome depictions of movie character costumes. Until then Stay Passion for your love for Cinema Fashion!!!

Changing Deadpool’s Costume?

Changing Deadpool’s Costume?

While Googling Deadpool 2 last night, I came upon  a behind the scene image that featured  our mercenary friend Deadpool wearing something other than his red suit. You know what this means right?. It means that the costume designer and director  changed the costume!!!!!


The suit that Deadpool wore   in the photo was a bright blue, tightly-fitted, sparkling suit, with a bright blue mask with jagged patterns. Isn’t that crazy?I guess the costume designers and the directors decided that red wasn’t the right color for Deadpool to wear. This could be due to the fact that pretty much every Marvel character has some sort of  red in their costume. Think about it,  Dr. Strange wears some red, Iron Man wears red, Thor has a red cape, The Hulk is green, but he makes other people wear red, when he beats  the living daylights out of them.  They  want  Deadpool to be different. They could also be trying to “humanize” Deadpool by having him wear a costume that can show if he’s bleeding. With the red one you could never tell.

I myself am very outraged by this change. The Deadpool in the Deadool comics had a red suit and they just can’t change that.  I call upon the directors and costume designers to rethink their decision and go back to the classic red suit. Please don’t go with the blue suit.. It is an insult to the comic books and Deadpool Himself!!

Disclaimer: This has been a cruel joke played by me. They are not changing Deadpool’s suit  nor will they probably ever change it. You can all calm down now.

Titanic Style

Titanic Style

Everyone is familiar with the film Titanic. Indeed it is a very tragic love story of two star- crossed lovers on a doomed ship. I have to admit this is one of my favorite movies and not just because it features Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s because of the costumes of it’s main character Rose. Throughout the Movie Rose wears beaded, tight fitting and elegant clothing. While I wish I could discuss all the costumes, with you I actually want talk about Rose’s red and black beaded dinner dress that she wears when she is about to jump of the ship.


This dress is an elegant bright red and black dress with black beads, multiple layers and puffy sleeves. In my opinion this is a very appropriate dress for Rose to wear. In my own opinion the red color of the dress represents the anguish and despair that Rose feels. If you were designing a costume for a character who was in a moment of anguish and despair  would you put her in calm cool colors?. No you wouldn’t. you would put her in a color like red.

Having done research on the Titanic time period, I have to say that the dress is a very accurate representation of that period. During this period the bustle became a thing of the past and lighter and timer dresses came into play. Young women back then also tended to wear with multiple layers evening dresses and beads, and puffy round sleeves. The fact that Rose is wearing a dress like that makes the film much more realistic .

It was truly great to be able to write about Rose and her red dress. It is even more amazing to see the power that this dress holds in describing her character and the time period.


The Pink Sterotype of Legally Blonde

The Pink Sterotype of Legally Blonde

Stereotypes, we’ve all seen them in movies.  They exists within characters personalities, actions and sometimes even in their  costumes. Today I am here to talk to you about the movie Legally Blonde. While I  do indeed  love this movie, I have to point out that the movie show stereotypes through its main character’s  costumes.

In the movie the main  character Elle Woods is a blonde girl who wears  fashionable pink and tight outfits throughout the film.  What could this imply exactly? well it could imply that all  blondes are girly girls who are  only concerned with appearances and clothing. Elle’s perfectly tailored and tight fitted  outfits  imply that she puts time and effort into her outfits . This is exactly what  someone who only cares about her appearance would do. They would always thrive to look stunning not messy.


In reality, not all blonde’s are obsessed with appearances. As a blonde myself I must say that  many other blondes like me do not always dress in pink or only just care about our appearances as much as Elle does.  Some of us are tomboys who hate wearing the color pink and prancing  around in heels. No, some of us just enjoy kicking around soccer balls,  getting messy with art supplies, or even go to law school. We are all different!


I am not asking you to believe in what I am saying about this stereotype   but I am asking you to acknowledge that it  is   not necessarily true.  By dressing blonde characters  in sweatpants, jean shorts, or something rainbow colored instead of something pink, costume designers and script writers can make a powerful statement that says just because a character looks or dresses a certain way doesn’t mean that all people who look like them are a certain way. As people and movie lovers we need to stop thinking this!!

The Costume Games

The Costume Games

May the odds be ever in your favor,

if not let the costumes be ever in the favor of the characters

Today I would like to discuss the fabulous costumes of the ever popular movie the Hunger Games. The costume designer Judiana Makovsky spared no expense designing costumes that tells  the struggle and story of two heroes.

Let’s talk about the costumes that Katniss and Peeta are wearing when they are first introduced in the beginning of the movie. They are both wearing really pale, kind of drab, colored, 1930’s like clothing .  The drab and pale colors, and the 1930’s style shirts, dresses, and pants   that they wear represent their own suffering and despair in District 12.

If you really think about it. if you’ve ever seen a   movie that takes place in a post apocalyptic society, you will notice that they are always wearing drab and pale colored outfits instead of something bright or bubbly. They also never wear new clothing and honestly look like they are living in the great depression.  Wearing  outfits  with these things actually makes their suffering more realistic because it makes them look unhappy.


When both of them venture to the capital to participate in the Hunger Games, their drab and pale outfits become a thing of the past. Katniss and Peeta start wearing things that are bright and flaming hot..literally. This especially applies to Katniss’s famous red fire dress. Anyways, the clothing that they both wear actually represents the fire and passion that both of them have inside of them. Think about it, in District 12 neither of them got the chance to change things or experience new things . When they are in the capital, they get that chance. The costumes represents that. katnisss-interview-dress

Towards the end of the movie, Katniss and Peeta’s wardrobe becomes less dramatic and more subtle and average looking. This is perhaps due to the fact that they are not trying to present themselves to the capital and are fighting for their lives. When you are not presenting yourself or fighting for your life, you don’t want to be dressed in something fluffy, frilly, big or bright. You want to be dressed in something that is breathable, comfortable, light and most importantly average.



Whether the clothes are, pale colored, old fashioned, or just plain average, the costumes in this movie are truly amazing. Judiana Makovsky is a genius for incorporating the struggle and Journey of Katniss and Peeta into the costumes.




Warner Brothers Dives Deep with Special Surprise!!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait, it’s Mera Queen of Atlantis’ movie costume. Yesterday Warner Bros was gracious enough to surprise  fans with a first look at Mera, Queen of Atlantis’ costume for the upcoming movie Justice League. The costume itself is a dark green, low cut  jumpsuit,   with jagged lines, and  seems to be made out of some sort of hard material. Not only that it really represents her character well.


Let’s start out with the color of the suit.  The dark green color of it  actually represents the deep and dark elements of the sea.When we think of the deep sea, we may think of colors like dark blue and dark green. So why not have the famous queen of Atlantis wearing a color that is associated with the deep dark sea.

There are also little details  and designs of the costume that also represent Mera as well.    You see much like the lines on this costume fish scales are jagged.  It is certainly  safe to assume that the lines on the costume are supposed to look like fish scales. The broad shoulder spikes with pointy edges , long triangle like sleeves, and overall tightness of the suit also make her look like a fish. Fish themselves kind of thin long bodies  that are  with little edges. So it is very appropriate to have her look like a fish because she lives in the sea. The material that the costume is made of also seems to be made of some hard textured fabric. Which actually makes sense because fish skin is hard.

Overall, seeing this little sneak peak of the costume has certainly gotten me more interested in seeing this movie  and the  character of Mera.   I’d love to hear your feedback on the costume.

Image: Warner Bros